You don’t need better salespeople, you need better sales training.

Introducing The Sandler + Grovo Microlearning Sales Bundle

The best sales training methodologies meet the best modern learning solution

What does it take to succeed at sales? It’s not about charisma, or being pushy or being a natural born salesperson. Being able to sell well is a skill, and because it’s a skill, you can practice it and get better.

Grovo and Sandler have partnered to provide Sandler’s award-winning methodologies delivered in Grovo's proven Microlearning lesson format.

The Sandler + Grovo Microlearning Sales Bundle offers 240 high-quality, single-concept lessons that are available in the flow of work, enabling sales to adopt valuable behaviors, attitudes and techniques over time.

Imagine 100% of your sales team exceeding 100% of quota

Set your team up for success

Adapt and continually reinforce new behaviors, attitudes and techniques, inspiring long-term change.

Get everyone on the same page

Quickly drive consistency and realize your team’s potential by instilling shared language, culture and processes

Keep your team engaged

Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, salespeople can quickly tap into the training they need, in the flow of their work day.

See for yourself – try Grovo + Sandler Microlearning lessons for free

Rethink the Sales Profession

Learn how to throw out outdated sales tactics and use a system that works.


The Sandler Selling Philosophy

Learn the three major tenets of the Sandler Selling Philosophy and achieve sales success.


Sustaining a Sales Relationship

Learn how to build a sales relationship where you and your prospect are equal partners.


What's included

The Sandler Microlearning Collection: The Selling System

Based on the first eight chapters of the Sandler Sales Mastery program


Introducing the Sandler Selling System
Bonding & Building Rapport with Your Prospect
Setting Up-Front Contracts with Your Prospect
Questioning Strategies
Uncovering Your Prospect’s Pain
Talking Budget with Your Prospect
Your Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
Closing the Sale: Building a Relationship to Last

Companion Sales Training Content from Grovo

Professional skills training that will enhance your sales team’s effectiveness


Measuring Impact with KPIs
Making Decisions
Working Remotely
Building Productive Habits
Developing Grit and Resilience
Professional Writing
Giving Presentations
Working Across Cultures
Building Influence
Owning Your Personal Brand

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The Sandler + Grovo Microlearning Sales Bundle

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