On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Checking the Box: Sexual Harassment Training That Works


Sexual harassment training is more than a check-the-box task, it’s an opportunity to build inclusive workplaces. 

And yet, sexual harassment training has been pigeonholed into this cheesy caricature often depicting egregious scenarios that make people say, “I never do that.” But the root causes of sexual harassment are more pervasive and harder to spot in plain sight.

During the webinar, you'll learn the four priorities of a modern sexual harassment training approach:

• Promoting an active bystander approach
• Helping people address their unconscious bias
• Empowering employees to spot exclusions
• Building a lasting culture of inclusion

Our speakers include our Grovo team:
Summer Salomonsen, Chief Learning Officer
John Marshall, Director of Content Strategy
Joe Stanton, Content Producer