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65% lesson engagement increase
35% increase in sessions
9.8% increase in user adoption

As employees are dealing with ever-increasing work responsibilities, longer work days and the non-stop speed of change, there is a critical need to provide learning another way. We need to reimagine learning. And we need to provide learning at the point of need. Grovo does just that.

Wendy Laverty

Manager of Leadership and Development

UGI Utilities

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Learning and development has always been a priority for UGI Utilities. With very low turnover and a significant number of employees sticking around for more than 20 years, the company understands the value of going above and beyond to offer great training opportunities. From technical skills to industry compliance and even tuition reimbursement for professional development, UGI employees have a variety of learning opportunities at their disposal. Yet they wanted more. While there is a time and place for classroom-style training, employees made it clear they wanted additional ways to learn as they juggled ever-increasing work responsibilities, longer work days, and the non-stop speed of change.


Wendy Laverty, UGI’s Manager of Leadership and Talent Development, is passionate about providing accessible and engaging training to an organization full of diverse learners, and Grovo empowers her to do just that. UGI employees are spread over a large geography and are not always in an office or behind a desk, so Grovo’s microlearning library gives every employee the equal opportunity for in-the-moment learning and development anytime, on any device, no matter where they are. Wendy initially launched Grovo with an integrated internal marketing campaign to build excitement throughout the company, and continues to send “Grovo Weekly Spotlight” emails highlighting specific Grovo lessons that are typically tied to current company-wide initiatives, happenings, or identified skills gaps.


UGI’s learners are extremely varied—ranging from MBAs to technical school educated field staff workers—and feedback on Grovo has been universally positive. Engagement has steadily increased from day one: learners love how easy the platform is to navigate, prefer the video-based content, and appreciate the flexibility of microlearning. Grovo’s microlearning method has even inspired Wendy to tap UGI’s internal resources to create innovative, high quality, video-based microlearning for their people.

Increased engagement month-over-month: UGI has seen a steady increase in users, views, and logins since its initial launch. In just one quarter, UGI saw a 65% increase in views, 35% increase in logins, and 9.8% increase in users.

Relevant training at the point of need: Learning aimed at a specific topic or need—like a recent cyber incident or company happening—sees a 37% higher view rate. In fact, there is a 450% higher chance that employees will view a video when it is suggested to them.

Learning anytime, anywhere, on any device: A majority of UGI’s learners have taken the time to develop personally and professionally via their mobile devices, after work, and on the weekends.

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