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81% lesson completion rate
175,000 minutes spent learning
70% of employees accredit Grovo for leadership growth

Grovo has played an integral role in our leadership training. Our leaders are held accountable to complete monthly training modules to continuously improve their knowledge and skills. We are completely bought into Grovo’s Microlearning® method.

Shira Boschan

Vice President of People Development

Raymour & Flanigan

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L&D and leadership development are nothing new to Raymour & Flanigan. Over ten years ago, the popular regional furniture company created their Learning and Development Institute (LDI) to develop all leaders who oversee other individuals throughout the organization. LDI’s mission is to “inspire a learning culture of continued growth and development for all associates,” through a variety of blended learning initiatives, leadership workshops, and other customized training. Yet Raymour & Flanigan lacked the learning technology to track their proven LDI training, as well as a consistent, sustainable way to reinforce it—leading participants to forget many of the key lessons from the in-person workshops as time passed.


Holly Heinze-Coolican, Raymour & Flanigan’s Director of People Development, was drawn to Grovo’s award-winning, off-the-shelf Microlearning® content library and LMS capabilities, which directly addressed LDI’s greatest opportunities for improvement. With Grovo’s entire Microlearning® library at their fingertips, Holly and Shira Boschan, VP of People Development, worked with their team along with internal designers to create an easy to follow, year-long, blended learning journey map for all 1,200 of Raymour & Flanigan’s leaders to follow. Each month is focused on a different, pre-chosen topic—like goal setting in January and health and wellness in October during their open enrollment period—and incorporates required pre- and post-workshop training content through Grovo. Additionally, the ability to mix off-the-shelf Grovo content and Raymour & Flanigan-developed content allows the team to offer leaders an even greater variety of regular self-development and leadership training through the platform.


So far, Microlearning® has been the ideal solution for advancing LDI’s retention and sustainability goals. Raymour & Flanigan’s business moves at the speed of light, with a constant focus on customer happiness, and so do its leaders—which includes everyone from operations supervisors in warehouses to VPs at the Field Support Center. Incorporating Grovo has addressed both the company’s need for trackable and sustainable learning retention and their leaders’ needs for consistent, quick learning that fits into their fast-paced work days in various locations.

Consistency and autonomy: Many of Raymour & Flanigan’s leaders manage dispersed teams and only have the opportunity to meet with their reports few times a month. Grovo has given all LDI participants a continual and consistent way to learn whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

Highly engaged learners: Raymour & Flanigan had 1,143 engaged Grovo users in 2017 and achieved results which were well above average: 81% completion rate of all assignments, with over 160,000 lessons viewed and over 175,000 minutes spent learning.

Feedback from LDI participants: When LDI participants were surveyed for feedback on Grovo, over 75% of respondents said they enjoyed the training at a 4 or 5 (out of 5), over 70% said Grovo trainings had been influential to their leadership growth, and 68% said they are able to implement Grovo concepts within their work environment “fairly often” or “always”.

What's Next

During the first year with Grovo, Raymour & Flanigan focused on offering Microlearning® to LDI participants, but as Raymour & Flanigan continues to grow their partnership with Grovo, they know they’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg with what they can accomplish. Up next? Shira and her team are busy developing next year’s LDI journey map, creating company-specific Microlearning® content around company communications and also launching a New Hire Customer Care training series.

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“People have a lot of desire to grow themselves, but to take that time out of their job responsibilities, out of the customer needs, it’s so hard. So Microlearning®—something in short bursts that they can log in on their phones whenever and wherever is convenient—is really valuable for them.”

- Holly Heinze-Coolican, Director of People Development

“The workshops we offer are amazing, but what happens in between? Our learners should always be bettering themselves, and they should always be reminding themselves of what they learned in the workshops and implementing it. That’s where Microlearning® fits in.”

- Holly Heinze-Coolican, Director of People Development

“I think Grovo is making me a better person. I like the convenience of being able to log in at anytime to continue my training. And most of the lessons you can put to use right away—as far as comprehension and application, Microlearning® seems every bit as effective as a classroom environment.”

- Learner, Raymour & Flanigan

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