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80% increase in training
2K+ average lessons viewed/month
Increased employee-driven learning

Before Grovo, we had only 1% of employees accessing online professional development courses annually. At the rate we’re going, we’ll see 100% of our licenses used by the end of this year. That’s right where we want to be.

Danielle White

Director, Leadership & Professional Development

Magellan Health

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Magellan Health prides itself on developing employees for the future, but the company was suffering from low engagement on its online training platform. Only 80 of the company’s 6,900 employees accessed the content within an entire year. Magellan needed a learning solution their employees actually wanted to use and sought a vendor that could help take their training to the next level.


Magellan’s Talent Development department wanted content that could keep up — and Grovo’s expansive microlearning library fit the bill. After positive feedback during the soft launch, Magellan began promoting Grovo’s training content to employees via the intranet and their LMS. Danielle White, Magellan’s Director of Leadership & Professional Development, says the bite-sized, just-in-time lessons easily fit into employees’ busy schedules. As a result, adoption has soared. She says, “When an employee comes to us and says, ‘I need training in this area,’ we can say, ‘We’ve got it! Here’s what you’re looking for.’” Now, even the busiest employees can take charge of their careers in a meaningful way.


Grovo has given Magellan’s training a shot in the arm. Some of the most immediate benefits include:

Soaring participation. An 80% jump in training over the previous year, resulting in 700 trained employees in less than six months post-adoption, averaging nearly 2,000 lessons views per month.

Growing alignment. Unexpected “wins” in leadership development, including popular collaboration and innovation topics.

Enthusiastic employees. Users are choosing to take more training than assigned, once inside the Grovo platform.

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