61% decrease in onboarding
Increased new-hire sales close rates
Company-wide adoption

When LivePerson shifted our messaging, it was imperative that we get our entire field organization up to speed. Grovo’s training tools have been an extremely valuable resource in that effort and continue to be a big part of employees’ learning and development. It’s the best training tool I have ever used!

Brad Bernstein

Head of Sales - North America


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In 2014, LivePerson needed to find an experienced L&D partner to improve the sales team’s onboarding process. Looking for an innovative approach that would spur a company-wide engagement with training, they turned to Grovo to help create and deliver the solution.


Using Grovo’s microlearning method, LivePerson transformed its sales training into 2-minute videos, which match the consumption style of 21st century learners. They combined their own content with microlearning video lessons from Grovo’s library to create customized learning tracks covering company basics, sales competencies, and negotiation techniques.

Instructor-Led Training
Trainers supplemented the online material with a series of in-person sessions, managed on Grovo’s platform. The software gathers detailed metrics on learner performance, which LivePerson makes visible across the sales team and analyzes for user engagement, performance with learned material, and a number of other specific viewpoints.

Account Management
LivePerson’s dedicated Grovo account manager and customer success manager worked closely with the LivePerson team to roll out training to 385 sales representatives. Grovo continues to work with LivePerson to manage the learning program.


Onboarding decreased from 9 to 3.5 months and sales close rates have increased among new hires.

Point-of-need microlearning has become an integral part of the company’s operational protocol.

Grovo rolled out across the entire sales organization and then expanded to the entire company.

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