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Awarded Top Workplace in San Diego
Increased L&D engagement
Company-wide Microlearning adoption

Our workforce is made up of people of all ages and in a wide variety of positions within the company. They love the convenience and training consistency of Grovo.

Cheryl Wolfe

Director of Training and Development

Buffini & Company

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As a leader in the coaching and training industry, Buffini and Company takes learning as seriously for their employees as they do for their clients. Which is why Cheryl Wolfe, Director of Training & Development, takes pride in her effort to develop the company’s strong culture of learning. However, for a team of one, creating engaging content, assigning and tracking trainings, and integrating learning into everything they do—for every type of learner—was no small feat. With more and more of their workforce traveling or working remotely, Buffini & Company needed to be better equipped to provide the same valuable training and learning culture to everyone.


Cheryl was first sold on Grovo’s excellent customer service and extensive Microlearning content library, but quickly integrated Grovo into almost every aspect of Buffini & Company’s learning strategy. In addition to serving as their central LMS and content library for all required and assigned online training, the Grovo platform is used to house and distribute additional, voluntary and supplemental content as part of a blended learning program. Cheryl also utilizes Grovo content in new training initiatives and encourages the entire organization to integrate Grovo lessons into their personal development goals.


Creating fun and engaging learning opportunities that encourage professional and personal employee growth has always been a top priority for the company. With Grovo’s Microlearning library at her fingertips, Cheryl has been able to create more ways to engage employees in learning than she ever anticipated. Managers love the accountability represented through Grovo’s quizzes and tracking, and employees at every level are responding well.

Meaningful behavioral change: The entire organization has transformed from one that saw training as an “event” to one that looks forward to training as an expected, ongoing and fun experience.

A culture of learning: Programs like “Buffini Bucks” incentives for participating in voluntary trainings have turned into company career development opportunities and contributed to Buffini and Company being named as a Top Workplace in San Diego.

Grovo every step of the way: Microlearning videos and the Grovo platform are used to support, reinforce, and follow up on classroom training, wellness initiatives, team-specific trainings and company-wide events with even more integration planned in the future.

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