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50% decrease in onboarding time
90% employee retention rate
82% promotion rate for leadership participants

People think L&D is all about retention, but we’ve actually helped people get promoted, become more effective managers, and take ownership of their career paths here at the company. And Grovo has been our sidekick for all of those things.

Hue Deluca

Learning and Development Manager


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Like many high-growth companies, Asurint’s multi-generational workforce includes a lot of millennials—many of whom have very little professional and management experience. Understanding how important professional development is to employee retention, Asurint created a dedicated Learning & Development team to encourage learning beyond required onboarding and role-based training. Being in such a highly-regulated, high-volume industry, Asurint needed a learning strategy and solution that would streamline their required training and promote ongoing, individual professional development without sacrificing productivity and the exceptional client experience for which they are known.


Hue DeLuca, Asurint’s Learning & Development Manager, found that Grovo’s platform, high-quality microlearning content, and ability to track results matched both the needs of the company and its millennial-heavy workforce. Asurint incorporates Grovo through the entire employee experience from day one, starting with all required onboarding, compliance, data security, industry-specific regulations, and HR training. From there, Hue considers Grovo a two-way street. Employees are encouraged to utilize Grovo’s microlearning library for training on topics that will help them reach their professional goals, and since each lesson is short and sweet, that development can take place without impacting productivity and clients’ needs. Additionally, the L&D team works with employees and their managers to develop individual and role-specific curriculums on Grovo that keep them accountable to those goals so they are better equipped to take on more professional responsibilities.


Hue herself is a millennial, so if there is one thing she knows about her peers, it’s that they need autonomy. Grovo has provided the perfect vehicle for that autonomy: more and more employees are taking trainings in Grovo on a regular basis, taking control of their professional development, and sticking around to grow with the company. Leadership’s and L&D’s ability to track results has supported more internal promotions and—in a couple cases—the more difficult conversations, too. Above all else, Grovo has helped Asurint move the needle on enhancing their talent, allowing the organization to continue to focus on their clients, stay competitive, and scale as it grows.

Employee-driven learning: Over 25% of all lesson views are self-directed vs. assigned, meaning employees find their own time to take professional development into their own hands.

Saving time from the start: Sales team new hire training went from 6 to 8 weeks down to 4, getting new hires on the phones faster and leading to a 100% retention rate of new hires in those roles.

Staying—and growing—with the company: In 2016, Asurint retained 90% of employees onboarded with Grovo, and promoted 82% of participants in their “Achieving Leaders” employee development program.

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