Enterprise power. Consumerized feel.

Grovo’s learning platform is unlike any other.

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Bad technology has held workplace learning hostage for too long.
 Our platform makes it easy to deliver effective learning experiences to anyone, anywhere. 
Plus, it has a sleek and simple feel that promotes everyday 
engagement. No wonder it’s loved by learners and trainers alike.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Grovo makes it a breeze to deliver engaging learning experiences your people will love. Easily assign videos from our library, create your own microlearning, and even manage in-person events. Grovo ties it all together beautifully.


Creating training with Grovo is fast and easy.

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Get the right training, to the right people, at the right time.
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Make training easy, convenient, and fun for learners.

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Get performance data and insights at every level.

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Creating trainings with Grovo is fast and easy.

  • Getting started is super simple.
    Create your own training from scratch or select one of our pre-made trainings. You can even clone a pre-existing training with a click.
  • We support all your existing content.
    Upload videos, audio, docs, powerpoints, spreadsheets, Tin Can / XAPI, or SCORM files. Grovo is ready for anything.
  • Blend our content with yours.
    Drag and drop any lesson from the Grovo library straight into your training. No jumping back and forth between folders.
  • Author your own assessments. Or, edit ours.
    Our authoring tool is right in the training builder. No separate windows or pop-ups. You can edit any quiz in our library too.
  • Put online and in-person training under one roof.
    Hosting an in-person event? Grovo helps. Send invites, track attendance, and even blend it with a larger online initiative.


Get the right training, to the right people, at the right time.

  • Easily add and group learners.
    Enter learners individually or import an entire list all at once. Then group learners for easy assigning and performance tracking.
  • Automate training to save time.
    Have a new manager joining the sales team in Lisbon? No problem. Grovo can deliver training automatically by role, location, and more.
  • Assign or suggest content.
    With Grovo you can assign the essentials people need to work, plus suggest additional resources to help them truly excel.
  • Customize admin powers with ease.
    Need to give regional managers power to assign training, but frontline managers only power to view scores? Click, click, done.
  • Send reminders automatically.
    Tired of nudging people to finish their training? Grovo does it for you. You set the pace and Grovo prompts learners until they’re done.


Make training easy, convenient, and fun for learners.

  • Provide a high-quality learning experience.
    Grovo is refreshingly easy to use. No clunky systems or dated design. Learners can focus on the content, and on developing their skills.
  • Reach learners on any mobile device.
    Open Grovo on a phone or tablet. It looks beautiful. No awkward zooming or scrolling. It’s completely responsive.
  • Enjoy safe, seamless single sign-on.
    Grovo offers single sign-on (SAML/LDP). That means learners don’t have to remember any extra passwords or logins. Plus, it’s more secure.
  • Stay compatible across browsers.
    Grovo works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even Internet Explorer. Your people can learn on the browser of their choice.
  • Add branding so learners feel at home.
    Add your logo to Grovo’s interface and even as a bumper for the video lessons in our library. It feels more seamless for everybody.
Track Track


Get performance data and insights on every level.

  • Access real-time data, anytime.
    Grovo puts real-time data at your fingertips—no lag. Need to know your team is compliant and can’t wait till tomorrow? You’re covered.
  • Our data is so fine.
    And by fine we mean granular. Quickly view in-depth user and group analytics, down to how well a single piece of content is performing.
  • Track your KPIs at a glance.
    From logins to completion rates to engagement, Grovo generates data visualizations for your most important key performance indicators.
  • Flag top and bottom performers.
    Wondering who’s going above and beyond and who needs a push? Our leaderboard flags top and bottom performers for you automatically.
  • Take your data whenever, wherever.
    We’ll never hold your data hostage. Export it anytime, or pull it right into your HRIS by integrating with our API.