Better your people.
Better your business.

All-in-One HR meets All-in-One Learning. Integrate Namely with Grovo to kickstart your learning culture.

 Namely + Grovo

Today’s employees want to grow with their companies, not just work for them.

Namely's integration with Grovo makes it easier than ever to put a modern learning experience at every employee’s fingertips so they’re always performing at their best—and always getting better.

To learn more about how Grovo’s award-winning Microlearning® content and platform can help your people do their best work, fill out the form to the right. We’ll be in touch!

Why Grovo?

Transform training from groan-inducing to aha-moment-producing with Grovo’s all-in-one Microlearning® solution.

All-in-one convenience

Award-winning Microlearning content out-of-the-box combined with the ultimate platform.  Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create, curate, automatically assign, and track learning in one clean, clutter-free place.

Put your learners first

With automated learning campaigns and triggered assignments, effortlessly give your people a digital learning experience that thinks like they do, serving up the relevant know-how they need, the moment they need it, on any device.

Microlearning, customizable

Access thousands of award-winning micro lessons on the topics that matter to your people and business—and easily customize them to meet your needs.

Why integrate Grovo with Namely?

There are lots of benefits for a growing company. Here are a few.

Faster onboarding

Instantly equip new hires with the know-how they need to succeed from day one.

Smarter workflow

Manage one database, not two—freeing  up more time for the work that matters.

Safer record-keeping

Rest easy knowing your user data is automatically synced and always up-to-date.

Integrating is easy.
No developer needed.

Get up and running in just a few clicks.

Step 1Copy and paste your free token

This token allows our two systems to talk to one another.

Step 2Choose which attributes to import

Personalize learning based on employee roles, needs, or goals.

Step 3Hit sync and you are done!

Namely and Grovo will sync automatically twice a day. No more CSVs!