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At Grovo, we’re reinventing learning for the 21st-century workforce.

Grovo is a better way to learn at work.

We empower businesses with the technology, content, and service to align, educate, and inspire their teams. From onboarding to professional development, our 60-second microlearning videos teach everything 21st-century employees need, delivered on a platform that learners and trainers love.

How we got here

Like many great businesses, Grovo was born out of a simple question.

In this case, a question delivered via text in the summer of 2010. Someone texted Jeff Fernandez, one of our cofounders.

Jeff was at dinner with his two friends, and soon-to-­be co­-founders, Surag Mungekar and Nick Narodny.

Flash! Insight! Entrepreneurial moment!

Flash! Insight! Entrepreneurial moment!

They realized that this was the tip of the digital skills gap iceberg. That there was simply no place to quickly and intuitively learn all the new skills that our high-velocity world was throwing at us.

As dinner wrapped up, the trio sketched out an idea for a business that could keep people up to speed on new technology, as soon as it became available, using brief educational video clips.

“I can teach it,” said Nick.

“I can build it,” said Surag.

“I can lead it,” said Jeff.

Meet our co-founders

They created Grovo to close the digital skills gap.

But rapidly, companies with broader needs began to find Grovo’s platform and content engine enormously valuable for teaching everything from creativity­ boosting to collaboration.

Build it, and they will learn. And so they did.

And here we are.

Our culture

There's no place like Grovo.

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