Modern Compliance Bundle: Achieve compliance. Effect change.

Grovo’s Modern Compliance Bundle does more than check the box on compliance training – it helps to improve workplace culture.

Compliance training hasn’t really changed… Until now.

Grovo's Modern Compliance Bundle frames traditional compliance topics like harassment, discrimination, and data privacy through the lenses of ethics, inclusion, safety, and customer centricity. Plus, the 350+ lessons help you fulfill legal requirements while uncovering real opportunities for change.

How the Modern Compliance Bundle can help your organization:

Meet compliance requirements

Our sexual harassment training complies with laws in CA, CT, DE, ME and NY, while also taking a new approach to workplace culture

Modern learning, built to stick

Engage employees with focused, multi-media lessons that provide realistic, practical tips for addressing non-compliant behavior, making it easy for employees to put the learning into practice

Strategic and agile

Our easy-to-use interface, award-winning customer support, and best practice Pathways all make it easy to deploy, assign required compliance content and track engagement and completions

350+ engaging Microlearning lessons

The Modern Compliance Bundle includes content elected from our broader Microlearning library, all crafted by in-house learning experts with our proprietary Microlearning framework.

  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination – Complies with CA, CT, ME, NY training law
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Data Security & Privacy – Including GDPR
  • Business & Financial Ethics
  • Safety & Security

Easy to deploy and tailor to your organization

Curate, customize,
and create

Adapt learning to your organization, such as specifying company policies or linking to internal employee resources.

Use our LMS or yours

Use with Grovo’s immersive, mobile-ready learning platform, or export to another LMS.

Support, how you need it

Award-winning customer support and Grovo Pathways (best practice, curated learning maps) help you kickstart your modern compliance strategy.

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