Micro lessons. Macro results.

At Grovo, we've developed a microlearning method that blends bite-sized content, activities, and assessments together in a unique experience that's perfectly suited to the 21st century world of work.

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So, what is microlearning, exactly?

It’s the process of learning complex skills in short, focused segments.

After years of testing, we’ve found that 60-second videos, strategically organized into focused learning tracks, deliver the best results in the least amount of time.

What microlearning <i>isn't</i>

What microlearning isn't

Microlearning isn’t simply taking existing content, chopping it up, and putting it online.

What microlearning <i>is</i>

What microlearning is

Microlearning is a granular approach to learning that uses cutting edge instructional design techniques to gradually build up knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Bite size is the Right Size: How Microlearning Shrinks the Skills Gap

Download our whitepaper to learn more about microlearning.

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The advantages of microlearning.

Traditional training methods are failing our employees and trainers. Week-long courses and clunky online training programs no longer engage learners well enough to improve job performance. On average, learners forget 90% of what they’ve been taught within a year.

Microlearning isn’t just short. It’s smart, too.

Microlearning isn’t just short. It’s smart, too.

At Grovo, we build comprehensive learning programs around hundreds of topics. We start with fundamentals and gradually build up to expert-level tips and techniques. This way, we meet learners where they are and help them work toward mastery, step by step.

Made for today’s brains.

Made for today’s brains.

Microlearning is perfect for busy, distracted 21st century learners. It lessens learner’s cognitive load with:

  • Short, engaging videos
  • Point-of-need availability
  • Quick, targeted assessments

This way, learners get 4-5 takeaways per session instead of forgetting virtually everything within a matter of months.

Bite size is the Right Size: How Microlearning Shrinks the Skills Gap

Download our whitepaper to learn more about microlearning.

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What can you learn in 60 seconds?
Anything you want.

Microlearning isn’t about what happens in 60 seconds—it’s about what happens when you…


Add up the total impact of many 60-second videos over time.


Intersperse strategic activities and assessments that continually deepen understanding.


Tie it all together with world-class instructional design and brilliant organization around specific learning objectives.

How microlearning is made.

What learners see

Here’s a sample microlearning video from Grovo’s library.

Behind the scenes

Check out a quick glimpse of how microlearning is made.

Whitepaper: Training the Trainer

Want to learn more about how to create microlearning at your organization?

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Let’s do more than train. Let’s inspire.

Learning shouldn’t be something employees have to do. It should be something they want to do. Grovo is a way to make that happen. We give people quick, reliable victories and a growing body of knowledge they can see and feel working every day.

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