Your Impact in Building an LGBTQ Inclusive Culture

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Even small voices can
make a big impact.

Being vocal about inclusion at work can help:

1. Inspire trust

You never know who might feel alienated or hidden at work. But your open and enthusiastic advocacy will show your colleagues that you care about inclusion at work.

2. Open new conversations

By respectfully questioning norms, you can foster productive dialogues about inclusion on your team. It could be something as simple as, "have we ever considered gender-neutral language?"

3. Build awareness

The questions you ask may lead some of your colleagues to consider issues they haven't had to think much about before.

By bringing LGBTQ inclusion to the table, you can help make it everyone's issue.

Improving your team’s culture isn’t your obligation,

but it is an opportunity to make a change that lasts.

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Your colleague doesn’t think that it’s worth talking about LGBTQ inclusion at work because she doesn’t want to pick a fight or come off as patronizing. What can you tell her?

It doesn’t matter how many people she alienates, she needs to fight for change.
It’s her job to educate everyone around her, because she knows the most about the topic.
By changing her own behavior and approaching the topic respectfully, she can build awareness.
By bringing up inclusion as often as possible, she can force her colleagues to acknowledge its importance.

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