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Why Your Group’s Diversity Is an Asset

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Diversity in the workplace is a good thing. Great, even.

And that’s true at both the team and individual levels.

Whether it’s diversity of age, race, and gender, or of psychological traits like values, abilities, and working styles, working with people who are different from us leads us to approach tasks and problems in new, more productive ways.

No matter how hard it might seem at first, you can find ways to work effectively with — and learn from — each member of your team.

It’s on you to take the right approach and look for opportunities to form connections with every colleague.

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Jeremy is not sure he’ll be able to work effectively with all of his new teammates. What should his manager Tracey tell him?

While you may feel more at ease working with certain people, now that you’re out of college, you need to expand your horizons a bit.
While you may feel more at ease working with certain people, the more you can collaborate with a wide range of colleagues, the more you’ll challenge your assumptions and grow.
I’d also prefer to work with specific working styles, but there’s a lot of research out there that proves that working with a diverse group of people usually improves your work.
Your coworker Maya used to be like you too, but she eventually learned to deal with it and can now work just fine with everyone on her team.

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