Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 1 / 10

Why Is It Hard To Talk About Bias?

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Your coworker heard that everyone is biased which she said really offends her because she isn’t. What might be going on here?

She is being hurt by her coworkers' bias against her, and is overreacting to their prejudice.
She is actually biased against people with biases.
She is not the kind of person who has any biases.
She is confusing bias, which is a natural brain function, with bigotry or intentional prejudice.

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If bias is natural, why do people think it’s bad?

It is always hurtful to other people.
Bias is another word for prejudice, which is almost always a bad thing.
It can cause us to falsely assume things about people, based on the little we know about them.
Bias often makes people less approachable.

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