Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 7 / 10

What Types of Bias Exist?

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Your friend is proud of having a “very diverse” team. All members of the team are from different racial/ethnic backgrounds, there’s an even split between males and females, and everyone works really well together -- they regularly participate in rowdy brainstorming sessions, and always try to one-up each other with the newest creative idea. What types of bias might exist within this team?

None: this team likely has no biases
Dietary restrictions: people with allergies might be excluded from group meals
Intelligence: if everyone one-ups each other, the smartest person will always get their way
Working style: people who aren’t comfortable shouting out thoughts

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Your colleague is planning your next team event which was supposed to be an after-work happy hour, but now she’s worried that this type of event is biased. What advice can you give her?

Not everything will always work for everyone. The point is to make sure there is variety in team events, so that the same people don’t always end up excluded.
She’s right. She should schedule an event that won’t offend anyone.
Just because someone finds it difficult to participate in an event doesn’t mean it’s biased. Sometimes people just need to join even if they don’t like it.
Try to plan events during work hours. That way there’s no risk of scheduling an event that’s biased.

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