Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 3 / 10

What Is Unconscious Bias?

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Your coworker doesn’t understand what unconscious bias is. How can you explain it to him?

Unconscious bias refers to the mechanism that helps you breathe without thinking.
Unconscious bias refers to actions you take that hurt other people.
Unconscious bias refers to preferences to like some people more than others.
Unconscious bias refers to quick judgments your brain makes without you even knowing it.

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Your coworker thinks that since these biases are unconscious, it’s not worth trying to do something about them. What can you tell him?

Once you find your unconscious biases, you can get rid of them.
Looking for unconscious biases can help you identify them and then keep them from impacting your decisions.
When you find unconscious biases, you improve your reaction time when you’re in danger.
If you don’t look for your unconscious bias, you’ll miss out on an important brain function.

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