What Is the Difference Between Ownership and Accountability?

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Your manager can enforce accountability,
but only you can take ownership of your work.

Going beyond accountability
is all about:

1: Looking past rewards and consequences

Your work should be a reflection of your own high standards. And every deliverable is a chance to prove you're ready for new opportunities.

2: Putting your work in its context

You're not working in a vacuum. Who are the people – coworkers, clients – who depend upon your contributions?

Everyone needs to be accountable, but taking an
ownership mindset will help you begin to set
yourself apart.

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Alia has been completing her tasks on time and according to her manager's requirements, but she doesn't really feel connected to the work she's doing. What's one thing you would recommend she do now to help her take ownership?

Make sure that other people know which parts of the project only she created, without the help of her manager or team.
Ask for a promotion to a role where she cares more about the tasks and the outcomes of her work.
Find out who else is depending on the quality of her work and ask how she can better serve those needs.
Let her manager know that she feels stifled and that she's considering leaving if the work isn't more engaging.

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