What Is the Difference Between Management and Leadership?

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Leading as a manager will help you:

1. Inspire Ownership

When people feel invested in the problem, they’ll naturally begin to take on more responsibility.

2. Improve Productivity

People who are inspired to work are more productive – period. Your leadership will connect people to a common purpose, beyond just getting the job done.

3. Increase Innovation

When you’re pushing for bigger things, your people will, too. Connect your team to your vision, and they’ll feel invested in accomplishing it.

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Which of the following examples best demonstrates "leadership"?

Developing performance reviews for your direct reports
Discussing how your team's goals support the company's mission
Choosing tasks to delegate to your direct reports
Holding a daily status meeting to discuss active projects


Write down three tactics that you take to motivate your team. Which of these are management tactics, and which are leadership tactics? Can you think of ways to empower your people as you keep them on task?

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