What Happens in a Behavior-Based Interview

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Behavior-based interviews are different from standard informal job interviews.

Here’s what happens in a behavior-based job interview:

Multiple interviewers conduct the interview.

Often, a standard job interview is a one-on-one thing. But behavior based interviews have a panel of interviewers, who all listen to the candidate at the same time.

Every candidate is asked the same questions.

A behavior-based interview is a structured interview, which means that every candidate is asked the same questions in the same order.

Interviewers all rate candidates on the same scale.

During a behavior-based interview, all of the interviewers rate the candidates on  behaviorally anchored rating scales, providing notes about why they rated the candidate the way they did.

This is different from most informal interviews, where interviewers just give their gut impressions about the candidate.

Here is a sample behavior-based rating scale (or BARS).

Loretta has been asked by her manager to participate in a behavior-based job interview for a new customer service role. What’s one thing she can expect to be different from past times she’s interviewed candidates?

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What’s one thing Loretta can expect to be different as an interviewer in a behavior-based interview from past times she’s interviewed candidates?

She’ll have to write her own interview questions.
She’ll be expected to rate candidates on a set scale.
She’ll have to interview outside of the office, in a “neutral” space.
She’ll send the candidate interview questions ahead of time.

It can take a little adjusting to perform behavior-based interviews. But they’re great for your team and company: They’re fairer and more predictive than informal interviews.

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