Address your unconscious bias│ Lesson 5 / 10

What Does It Take To Change Our Brains?

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Your colleague thinks changing your brain sounds weird and impossible. What can you tell him?

Our brains are programmed to make associations quickly based on past experiences. When we’re exposed to new things, our brains change and make different associations.
You’re not changing your brain, you’re really just transforming it.
If he’s unhappy with the way he changes his brain’s associations, he can always go back to his old biases.
Calling something “weird” is just another example of an unconscious bias. Once he changes the way he thinks and addresses that bias, he won’t think it’s “weird” anymore.

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Your colleague wants to change her brain to counteract her unconscious bias. What should she do?

Make all new friends and stop seeing the people she’s comfortable with.
Put up pictures of things that represent the opposite of her bias.
Once she identifies her biases, she can increase her exposure to counterexamples.
Schedule at least one new thing to do every day.

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