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What Does It Take To Change Our Actions?

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Your colleague doesn’t want to just think about unconscious bias, she wants to do something. What are some actions she can take?

She can change her daily routine. For example, if she usually wakes up early, she can start sleeping later.
She can ask open-ended questions to keep from pigeon-holeing people, and make sure everyone in meetings has a chance to be heard.
She can create checklists to make sure she’s asking other people all the necessary questions to avoid assumptions.
She can attribute contributions to different people every time, to make sure everyone feels included.

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Your colleague wants to make sure that different perspectives on his team are considered. What’s a good way to do this?

Disregarding some people’s contributions so that you don’t always get the same opinions.
Assigning different opinions to different team members, then facilitating a debate.
Explicitly asking if anyone has a different opinion or perspective to share.
Always disagreeing with team members to force them to think through their opinions.

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