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What Does It Mean To Address Bias?

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Your colleague doesn’t want to slow down and think about what his biases might be, he just wants to address them. What can you say to him?

Only some people can go right to addressing biases, so it’s best he slow down to be safe.
Addressing biases can be uncomfortable if you don’t first identify what they are.
You need to know what your biases are in order to know how they are affecting you before you can address them.
Not everyone has biases, so he might as well stop to think about if he has any that should be addressed.

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Your coworker went to a really great training session on unconscious bias. She said it was hard work, but she’s happy now that she can go through life without unconscious bias affecting her. What might she be forgetting?

Other people who haven’t taken the same seminar will still bring unconscious bias into her life.
It takes at least three training sessions before you can go through life without feeling the effects of unconscious bias.
Addressing unconscious bias is ongoing work that is never complete.
Her happiness is the result of unconscious bias.

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