Use Nonverbal Communication During a Presentation

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When you know how to use nonverbal communication, you can feel confident that your audience trusts you.

There are lots of nonverbal communication tools you can use. Here are a few:

Eye contact

Eye contact connects you to your audience and shows them that they can trust you. When you present, make eye contact with a few different people in your audience (not just one).

Pyramid hands

A lot of presenters don’t know what to do with their hands. There are a few solutions, but a common one is to clasp them together in a relaxed pyramid. It keeps your hands still, projecting confidence.

A wide stance

A wide stance implies that you’re confident and in control. Use this when you want to show your audience that you’re a problem-solver with the answers to their problems.

These are just tools. 

You shouldn’t feel like you have to act like Steve Jobs to present effectively. If altering your body language a lot feels inauthentic, don’t do it. Find a way to use body language to express your true self.

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Your co-worker Maria got some notes from a recent presentation that she seemed untrustworthy. What’s something she can do to seem more trustworthy in the next presentation she does?

Take a wide stance
Clasp her hands in a pyramid shape
Make eye contact with several audience members
Take a sip of water when she feels nervous


The next time you present, try using one of the nonverbal methods in this lesson — eye contact, pyramid hands, or a wide stance.

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