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Use Customers' KPIs to Provide Better Service

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Your customers' measurements of success, or KPIs, have a direct impact on your relationship with them.

Here are some steps you can use to better understand and leverage your clients’ KPIs.

1. Ask questions

It’s important to understand what your client’s goals are as well as how they intend to measure success. The best way to find that out is to ask them how their immediate goals tie into those of the larger organization to understand their bigger picture.

2. Be a resource

It’s possible that your client doesn’t have a clear strategy or goal defined when they come to you. You can be a resource for them as they develop their goal and help them set realistic expectations.

3. Be flexible

Your clients will have different goals and strategies to achieve them. Understanding different measures of success can help you target your message for your different audiences.

Let's practice:

Jacqueline is working with a new client. She asks them to define what they would consider a successful implementation and what KPIs they intend to use to measure performance. They’re not quite sure how to answer because they’ve never used the type of service that Jacqueline’s company offers. What can she do to help her customer and get the information she needs to ensure a successful relationship?

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What can Jacqueline do to help her customer and get the information she needs for a successful relationship?

Ask them to get back to her when they figure out the KPIs they need.
Define what success means for them and tell them what KPIs to use to measure performance.
Move forward without the information and let them figure it out as the implementation progresses.
Share some KPIs other customers use to help them set realistic expectations.

The correct answer is D.

Jacqueline should share some of the KPIs that her other customers are using to measure their success, which will help her new client set realistic expectations when measuring the performance of their implementation.


Identify some common KPIs that your customers’ use to measure their success with your product or service. Use those to help new clients who may not have their own KPIs in place.

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