Thrive Amid Constant Change

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To leverage adaptability 

              as a personal strength:

1. Be flexible

Build buffer time between tasks in your project plans. The next time you're thrown off course, you’ll impress everyone with your ability to adjust quickly. 

2. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to disrupt the status quo. Ask yourself, your manager, and your team where you can improve your work. Chances are, you’ll find an opportunity for a creative change.

3. Learn from the past

Unexpected challenges are often chances to grow. Keep track of the lessons you've learned from past mistakes, and think about how you’ll bring that experience to future projects.

Being adaptable isn't always easy.

But it's the key to thriving in today's workforce.

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Your colleague, Nathan, knows that your company prizes adaptability, and is looking for ways to prove that he thrives in change. What's one way that Nathan can demonstrate his change-readiness?

Mix up his routines every day so that it never seems like he does the same things.
Seek out opportunities to improve current work processes, and propose a project accordingly.
Challenge himself by learning a new language to communicate with international clients.
List "adaptability" as a skill on his LinkedIn profile and ask his colleagues to endorse it.


Think back on your last project. What can you learn from it?

Write down one aspect of the plan that was really successful, like a seamless handoff or leftover resources. Then, write down one part of the plan that you want to improve the next time around – like a too-rigid deadline.

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