Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Lesson 4 / 10

The Science of Bias

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Your coworker is hyper-focused all the time and insists she’s aware of everything that she does. What can you tell her?

She might be aware of everything, but she probably doesn’t remember everything she sees.
It’s impossible to be aware of everything because there’s too much going on around us for our brains to be able to process it all consciously.
It’s highly unlikely that she’s aware of everything she does, since only 1% of the world’s population is capable of that level of awareness.
If she’s aware of everything she does then she’s not using her Fast Brain enough.

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What’s an example of when our Fast Brain results in unconscious bias that could have a negative impact?

You take a sip of spoiled milk and immediately spit it out.
You’re running a marathon and don’t realize your shoelace has become untied.
You’re reading through an email one last time before sending it, and you miss a couple of obvious typos.
You’re showering and accidentally wash your hair with body wash instead of shampoo.

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