The Sandler Selling System

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By following a process, you can take the guesswork out of success.

The three major stages of the Sandler Selling System:

1. Building and Sustaining the Relationship

In the first stage, you’ll build a rapport that’s not typical to the sales relationship: it’s rooted in an equal, honest partnership. You’ll take the lead early by setting clear expectations and asking for commitments.

2. Qualifying the Opportunity

It’s up to you, the salesperson, to determine if the prospect is worth your time. In this stage, you’ll follow the system to find out: you'll uncover their problems, talk budget, and understand their decision-making process.

3. Closing the Sale

It’s not until the final stage, when you fully understand your prospect’s needs, that you'll present a solution. The presentation should only come after they’ve been thoroughly vetted and have agreed to make a decision. During this time, you’ll also get ahead of buyer’s remorse, and you'll ask for referrals.

Time for a quiz.

Sharon has great sales instincts and has had a lot of recent success, but she’s nervous about the new and aggressive goals her manager just set for her. She knows she’s talented, but she feels like she’s often just improvising. How would you recommend Sharon change her approach?

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How would you recommend Sharon change her approach?

Ask her prospects what their favorite parts of her approach are.
Build more confidence in herself based on her past success.
Follow a system to pinpoint and repeat the tactics that work.
Commit to pushing herself harder to reach those next-level goals.

The correct answer is C.

Sharon needs a system so she can repeat her best practices at the right time and build those great relationships faster.

The Sandler Selling System is the how behind the philosophy: it provides an honest, dignified approach that places you in control.

Consider this:

What’s your current sales system?

Outline the stages of the process that you currently follow. Where do the biggest challenges happen in your process?

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