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The Sandler Selling Philosophy

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Changing your mindset
is the first step to changing
your results.

The three major tenets of the Sandler Selling philosophy:

1. Salespeople are professionals.

You have expertise to offer to customers and prospects. Every sales call is a business meeting among equals—an honest exchange of information.

2. The prospect must qualify for your time.

Professionals have clear criteria for where they choose to invest their efforts. Some prospects simply won’t qualify.

3. Salespeople must follow a system.

Following a repeatable process will solve the prospect’s problem’s faster and help you close more often. And, if you don’t follow your own system, you’ll end up following the prospect’s system.

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Time for a quiz.

Kara’s been getting frustrated with her career: she pours time into winning prospects over, only to find out later that they don’t have decision-making power or aren’t a good fit for her product. Which tenet of the Sandler Selling philosophy would best help her shift her sales relationships?

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Which tenet of the Sandler Selling philosophy would best help Kara shift her sales relationships?

Salespeople are professionals: Kara needs to develop skills to be an expert at detecting wishy washy prospects.
Follow up and follow through: if Kara contacts more prospects more often, she’s more likely to reach the right people.
Salespeople must follow a system: with a selling system, Kara will convince every prospect to buy her product.
The prospect must qualify for your time: Kara needs to develop criteria to decide early whether she should pursue a prospect.

The correct answer is D.

Kara would benefit from thinking more about her own criteria for deciding if a prospect is worth her time.

The Sandler Selling philosophy requires an attitude shift: to seeing yourself as a professional, valuing your own time, and taking the lead in every sales relationship.

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