The Power of a Project Plan

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A project plan is a schedule that breaks your deliverables into tasks, shows who is responsible for which tasks, and gives the dates of when each task will be completed.

Every project needs one
, not just because it’s nice to be organized, but because it helps the project leader lead.

If you have a clear project plan, your mind will be free for what’s important: tracking the project’s progress, communicating with your team and stakeholders, and dealing with problems as they arise.

And a clear project plan isn’t just a tool for you. It’s also a powerful tool for your team members and stakeholders.

If your project plan is available to your team and stakeholders, they can quickly understand the status of the project. It’ll save you a lot of time answering questions.

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Your lunch buddy, Jeff, is leading a project to survey a group of your customers. He knows when his deliverables are due, but he hasn’t built a project plan. What can you say to him to convince him to make a detailed plan?

“If you don’t have a detailed plan, you won’t be able to keep track of your budget.”
“Having a detailed plan helps your team and stakeholders understand the project.”
“A detailed plan makes your team run by itself without your input.”
“A detailed project plan protects you from all stakeholder interference."


Look at the deliverables for your project. Think about how you can break them into smaller tasks.

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