The Impact of Ethics on Business Success

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Other studies show that strong ethics in the workplace, as well as ethical corporate initiatives — such as "greening" the office or a focus on employee wellness — contribute to work environments that make employees feel safer, happier, and more productive.

When everyone acts ethically at the office, it can lead to increased success for everyone.

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The HBB company has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of unethical behavior. They also have policies in place in regard to being environmentally friendly and providing wellness initiatives for employees.

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What is a benefit of HBB's ethical policies?

Their employees are likely happier and more productive.
They hire less people to work for them.
They make more money.
They hire more people to work for them.

The correct answer is A.

Studies show that companies that treat their employees fairly and engage in ethical business practices have happier and more productive teams.

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