The Impact of Emotional Intelligence

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Take feelings into account. Use emotional intelligence to make your workplace better while you do your job!

Here are four benefits that high emotional intelligence can provide at work:

If you have high EQ you will...

1. Perform better at work

Emotional intelligence is the most universal indicator of work performance.

According to research from psychologists Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, EQ translates into 58% of success in all job types.

The underlying skills of EQ are also drivers for most essential workplace performance skills. People with high EQ tend to also have strong abilities in skills like communication, time management, and presentations.

2. Earn more money

According to research published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, people with higher EQ on average earn $29,000 more per year than those with low EQ. In fact, according to the data, each point of emotional intelligence amounted to an increase of $1,300 in salary.

People with higher EQ are generally able to showcase their skills and interact with coworkers better than those with lower EQ, leading to increased rates of raises and promotions.

3. Enjoy your job more

Data from Korn Ferry shows that organizations and leaders that embrace emotional intelligence are 70% more likely to retain performing employees for five years or longer.

People and companies that embrace EQ are often more pleasant to be around. If people like who they work with, they have a tendency to stick around and work more effectively.

4. Increase your wellbeing

Research from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston found that people with higher EQ were more likely to have healthier lifestyles and tended to have fewer physical and psychological issues than participants with lower EQ.

Because people with higher EQ are more in touch with themselves, they know when something is wrong. They are also more likely to take steps to solve their problems early on before those problems become more difficult to deal with.

Time for a quiz

Dara is trying to decide if she should place a greater emphasis on emotional intelligence in her work. What can you tell her to sway her decision about it?

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What can you tell Dara to sway her decision about focusing on EQ?

EQ is the best way to gauge her performance at work.
Talking about EQ will make her popular.
EQ will make Dara rich.
EQ will only help her HR department.

Answer: A – EQ is a strong indicator of employee performance.

Emotional intelligence is an effective way to determine how well an employee will perform in a role without taking any technical expertise into account. This universal nature makes it an efficient way to gauge performance quickly.

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Is emotional intelligence taken seriously in your workplace? Start a discussion about the benefits of emotional intelligence with a coworker to help improve the well being of everyone who works with you.

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