Address your unconscious bias | Lesson 10 / 10

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Your colleague has started asking her team a lot of questions about their decisions in order to help combat unconscious bias. What would be the next step?

Tell her team to start asking those same questions outside of work.
Informally recognize people who do a good job questioning any decision-making processes.
Explain to them why she’s asking the questions, and encourage them to do the same.
Stop asking those questions for a brief period to show how much value there is in combatting unconscious bias.

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Your colleague is worried that if he’s not at a decision-making meeting, his coworkers will let unconscious bias impact the decision. What can he do?

Send an email before the meeting with detailed questions his coworkers must ask before making a final decision.
Help set up systems or processes that structure decision making in a way that requires slow brain thinking.
Trust his coworkers to do their best, knowing that they won’t get decisions right every time.
Free up his schedule to attend all decision-making meetings until he can trust his coworkers more.

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