Summer Salomonsen's Dissertation Proposal Defense Lesson

11 min

Dissertation Title: Modern Corporate Learning Requires a Modern Design Methodology: An Innovation Study

Prepared for: Dr. Monique Datta, Dr. Eric Canny, Dr. Larry Picus

Created by: Summer Rivers Salomonsen, Cohort 6, OCL Program

A few facts about Microlearning...

 - Microlearning is a trending term in the L&D Industry

 - Grovo is the Microlearning® Company

 - In late 2017, Grovo was awarded a Trademark on the term

 - You're taking a Microlearning lesson right now!

Here's how Grovo defines Microlearning...

Now that you have a working definition of Microlearning...

let's focus on this study.

Organizational Performance Goal

By year end 2018, 1,000 new lessons will be created utilizing a modern learning design approach

Content Team Goal

By year end 2018, the Content team will innovate a learning design process that shortens content creation timeframes, maintains content credibility, and aligns to the company’s Microlearning® framework.

Data collection procedures for this study include interviews and document analysis.

Ten, one-time, hour-long interviews will be conducted by James McGee (Cohort 6 classmate - bitmoji on the left) at Grovo's New York office.

Thank you for your participation and consideration.

I look forward to discussing at my scheduled proposal defense on April 11, 2018.