Set a Routine for Updating Your Manager

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Establish a routine for talking to your manager about your work so you're always on the same page as them.

Here are three tips for updating your manager:

1. Ask about your manager's communication preferences

Ask your boss about how they want you to communicate with them. Maybe they prefer informal email updates for smaller tasks and formal meetings for large projects. You could ask, “I’d like to discuss your expectations surrounding communication and feedback.”

2. Agree on a consistent time to meet

Ask how they want to stay informed about your work — and how often. Do they prefer weekly or daily meetings? Set time on both your calendar and your manager's to establish a routine that works for both of you.

Early on you should meet with your boss at least once a week. Use this time to provide updates on your projects, to discuss future initiatives, and to make sure you’re aligned with your manager’s goals and expectations.

3. Focus on results

It’s certainly useful for your manager to hear about what you’ve been doing, but what your boss would really like to hear about is the impact of those activities. So frame your updates in terms of broader goals and overall strategies. Think of the bigger picture.

For example, how might the slide deck you created help the client better understand a certain aspect of your partnership with them? How do you expect sales to be affected by the promotion you helped launch?

As you become more comfortable in your role, your boss might reduce the frequency of your one-on-one meetings. But even if you meet in person less often, keep them informed in other ways — via email, instant message, formal status updates, etc. — as frequently as needed.

Don't assume your boss knows what you’re working on, the goals you’ve accomplished, or the blockers that are obstructing your progress. So keep your manager informed from the very start by scheduling regular meetings with them.

Quiz 1 of 1

Flora just started working for Jonas. During her first week, Flora met with Jonas to ask about his communication preferences. Why is Jonas pleased with Flora’s initiative?

It shows Flora is sensitive to how busy managers can get, and that she doesn’t want him to forget about or ignore her.
It shows that Flora is nervous about her new role and currently only feels comfortable collaborating with him.
It shows Flora’s desire to form a positive working relationship with him, as well as her desire to understand his expectations.
It shows that she doesn't know what she's doing, but at least she's trying.


Ask your manager about their communication preferences so you can set a routine to update them on your work.

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