Set a Clear Goal for Your Meeting

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A clear goal will help keep your meeting on target.

Write your goal based on three main meeting types: 

1. Information sharing

Need to share company-wide news or review progress? These meeting goals usually begin with verbs like “update,” “review,” “summarize," or “clarify.” For example: Update team on management change or Review client proposal.

2. Creative discussion

Need to come up with new ideas or get the most out of your team's brainpower? Meeting goals should begin with verbs like “create,” “design,” “solve,” or “plan.” For instance: Create budget review process, or Coordinate tasks to complete design.

3. Decision-making

Need people’s input or approval to reach a decision? Goals should begin with verbs like “select,” “accept”, “approve,” “designate,” or “finalize.” For instance: Select new project leader or Approve proposed project timeline.

Condensing your goal into one sentence will help your team achieve real outcomes.

For help writing your goal, download this job aid.

Let's try it.

Lela just found out about new company-wide budget cuts and wants to schedule a meeting to share the information with her team. Which of the following is the best goal for Lela’s meeting?

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Which is the best goal for Lela’s meeting

Update team about budget changes.
Design new team budget.
Select new budget plan.
Approve budget cuts for company.


Try setting a new standard on your team: every meeting must have a goal. And if you get invited to a meeting without a clear purpose, follow up with the leader – or decline it.

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