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Rethink the Sales Profession

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Work smarter, not harder
with a clear selling system.

The Sandler Selling System will teach you to:

1. Pull people in

Most sales approaches are an information dump of product or industry knowledge. Sandler teaches you to hold back, ask questions, and use your expertise to discover prospects’ problems.

2. Stop wasting time

Not every prospect is a buyer. In fact, 2018 Sales Insights research shows that at least 50% of prospects don’t need what you have to offer. You’ll save time and energy by focusing where you’re needed.

3. Know what to expect

What sets apart your successful sales? Where did you go right? Sandler provides a process that will help you identify and repeat successful behaviors. And, by always knowing your next step, you can take the lead of every conversation.

There’s a better way to be in sales. Throw out your outdated tactics, and use a system that works.

Time for a quiz.

Shaina’s a star on her sales team: she builds healthy relationships with customers, closes the most sales, and still leaves the office earlier than any of her colleagues. Her colleagues think that she has some innate talent for sales. What’s more likely to be going on?

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What’s more likely to be going on with Shaina’s stellar results?

She’s following an efficient system to find the buyers who are worth her time.
She’s putting in hours late at night when her colleagues aren’t in.
She’s a born communicator and was destined for a great sales career.
She gets lucky with her client relationships, and there’s no skill involved.

The correct answer is A. 

Shaina doesn’t have sales superpowers.

She follows a system that keeps her

sales process efficient.

Consider this:

Think about your own sales career. Do you feel like you’re working harder than you should be? Have you run out of ideas for increasing your efficiency and effectiveness?

It may be time to try a selling system.

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