Replace an Unproductive Habit

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Bad habits: you can't erase them — you have to replace them.

To replace an unproductive habit:

Download the guide to replace a habit.

You only have so many hours in your day. Change a routine, and you can change the way you work.

Time for a quiz.

Agnes wants to start running instead of sleeping in. Her cue is seeing her sneakers next to her bed, her routine is the run, and her reward will be a doughnut for breakfast every day. What should she change about her plan?

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How should Agnes change the way she's planning to replace a habit?

She should choose a new way to motivate herself to get out of bed in the morning.
She should choose a reward that takes her deeper into the habit, like new sneakers.
She should choose an easier habit to adopt if she wants it to actually succeed.
She should change her cue, so that she is more likely to change the routine.

The correct answer is B. 

To fully bring running into her life, Agnes should choose a reward that motivates her to keep up the habit. Doughnuts won't do that. 

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