Prepare for Hurricanes and Floods at Work

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Hurricanes and floods can wash out your business.

Prepare accordingly.

To prepare your workplace

for hurricanes and floods:

Download this checklist.

Time for a quiz.

Anna’s team was in the office when they received a hurricane evacuation order. They just unplugged all electronics. What else can they do to swiftly protect their business before they leave?

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What else can Anna's team do to protect their business before they evacuate?

Board up windows and relocate their desktops and key equipment to their cars
Close windows and leave one “security representative” to guard equipment through the hurricane
Relocate critical equipment to a floating raft to ensure its safety
Close windows and relocate their desktops to interior rooms and elevated surfaces

The correct answer is D.

Anna and her team should relocate desktops and other critical equipment to areas where they'll be least likely to be destroyed.

With the right plan in place,

your business won't get caught in deep water.


Floods: Unsure if you're in a flood zone? Put your office address into FEMA's flood risk calculator.

Hurricanes: Never let a storm catch you off guard by signing up for the National Weather Service's text or email alerts.

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