Prepare for an Earthquake at Work

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Don't get shaken up.

Know your earthquake preparedness plan.

To prepare for an earthquake:

Download this checklist.

Time for a quiz.

Niko says that earthquake preparedness is pretty simple: he knows how to stop, drop, and hold, and so he's ready for a quake. What else can he do to make sure he and his team stay safe?

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What else can Niko do to make sure he and his team stay safe?

Identify and designate “safe rooms” with lockable doors to hide in.
Identify and secure potential hazards in the office that can slide and fall.
Practice detecting the magnitude of an earthquake to determine his response.
Practice evacuating the building and calling the police in the event of a quake.

The correct answer is B.

Niko should conduct a hazard hunt w
ith his team to evaluate risks around the office and address them.

Is your office ready for the next big one?

Take time as a team to get prepared.


Bring a hazard hunt to your team: if your workplace is at risk of earthquakes, work with your colleagues to identify and mark objects such as unsecured shelves or hanging art.

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