Prepare for a New Hire's Arrival

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The onboarding process should never leave new employees feeling undervalued or let down.

To ensure your new employee's first day is a successful and productive one, prepare for their arrival during pre-boarding.

To effectively prepare for a new hire's arrival during pre-boarding:

1. Send a welcome letter

Before your new hire’s first day, send them a note welcoming them to your team and the company at large. Offer to answer any questions they might have. Early exchanges can help you get to know each other and develop a rapport.

2. Get as much IT and HR work done as possible

Send the person instructions on setting up company equipment and accounts before their first day. The same goes for any paperwork they’ll need to fill out.

3. Start before the start

Schedule a call with the employee to agree on some early objectives for them to focus on as soon as they start. This will inform their first-week agenda and give them a sense of purpose and accountability from the very beginning.

4. Prepare a first-day welcome packet

On the eve of the person’s first day, make sure you’ve packaged everything they might need or ask about in one place. Whether it’s paper or digital, this resource could include information about the office, resource and support systems, and any remaining paperwork to complete.

Prepare for a new hire's arrival:

1. Send a welcome letter

2. Get as much IT and HR work done as possible

3. Start before the start

4. Prepare a first-day welcome packet

The pre-boarding process is about staying organized, planning ahead, and most importantly, getting a feel for your new employee.

The more you can collaborate before their start date, the better prepared they will be to hit the ground running.

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Mateo’s team is welcoming a new member, Gina, in a couple weeks. Mateo has sent Gina a welcome letter, and together they have identified some early goals for her. What else can Mateo do to ensure her arrival goes smoothly?

Send Gina any HR and IT tasks she can take care of now.
Send Gina any HR or IT tasks she can take care of now, and prepare a first-day welcome packet for her.
Schedule a happy hour before Gina’s start date where she can socialize with all of her soon-to-be colleagues.
Give Gina her first project to work on now, so that she can get ahead.

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