Make Your Most Important Point First

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Whenever you write something at your job,
always lead with the most important thing.

Think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you want to communicate a policy change in a company-wide email, put the change in the subject line and first line of your email.

If you’re writing a presentation, and want to show that your new product will solve a customer’s problem, put that on your first slide.


Always lead with your most important point. Put supporting information after.

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Maribeth needs to give a presentation to the rest of the sales team about why a deal fell through. How should she start the presentation?

“When I approached Spears Inc., I wanted to accomplish three things…”
“The deal with Spears Inc. fell through because 1) our product was too expensive and 2) our competitors offer more dedicated service.”
“To understand the Spears Inc., deal, we first have to understand the history of our relationship with Spears, Inc."
“About Spears, Inc.”


The next time you write, think about what you’re trying to do. Then start your writing with that.

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