Master Problem-Solving in Customer Service | Lesson 2 / 12

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A customer approaches Monique and says she’s having trouble understanding how the discount pricing works for a promotion. Monique listens and nods to show she understands. What could she say next to demonstrate actively listening?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not the one to help you with that.”
“It sounds like you’re talking about our discount pricing. Is that right?”
“Okay, I’ll fix that for you.”
“Please visit our website to read about the discount pricing.”

Quiz 2 of 2

Carl talks to a customer on the phone about their frustration with a charge she’s noticed on her credit card. After listening for a while, he responds immediately with a solution. What would be a better initial response?

Restating what the customer’s problem is
Offering the customer discounts on future merchandise
Notifying the relevant staff internally of the issue
Providing an explanation of what went wrong

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