Learn From the Feedback You Receive

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Feedback can be a tough pill to swallow.

Too often, employees become hurt or defensive when they hear criticism, to the point that they view “receiving feedback” as just a time to sit quietly and grit their teeth through whatever their manager or colleague has to say.

Don’t be one of those people.

Learn from the feedback you receive:

1. Adopt a growth mindset

2. Listen and take notes

3. Ask questions

4. Summarize

Truly engaging with the feedback you receive can help you see your work from a fresh perspective. And it can transform feedback from something you suffer through to something you look forward to.

So next time you get feedback, make the most of it. Don’t leave until you’ve confirmed what your next steps should be. And don’t forget to say thank you, either!

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When Nita receives feedback, she typically sits through it quietly, occasionally nodding her head to indicate understanding. From there, she thanks her colleague before getting back to work. What should Nita consider doing to make the most of the feedback she gets?

Start responding to the feedback she gets by refuting some of the person’s comments.
Ask questions about the feedback she gets, then confirm how she could put it into practice.
Take notes to make it seem like she’s listening, then send a thank you email to the colleague who shared feedback.
Make the conversation a dialogue rather than a monologue by asking her coworker if they’d like to receive feedback from her.

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