Lead a Prospect Relationship to Success

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Take small steps now to take the lead in your sales relationship.

What can the Sandler Selling System look like in practice?

Let’s take a closer look.

Talia is a sales representative, and she follows the process at each stage of her relationships.

Stage 1: Building and Sustaining the Relationship

Talia’s on her first call.

She just spoke for thirty seconds about the product she’s selling. The prospect said, “This sounds really interesting, could you send me an email with more information? I’ll review it and get back to you next week.”

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What should Talia do next to take control of the relationship?

Send the materials right away.
Ask the prospect to share their needs first.

Stage 2: Qualifying the Opportunity

Now Talia's on her second call.

This is her opportunity to win this prospect over. The prospect gives an open-ended request: “Tell me more about what you can do for us...”

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What should Talia do next to demonstrate that she's a professional?

Ask the prospect questions about the issues they’re encountering.
Give her pitch about her company’s industry reputation and all-inclusive solution.

Stage 3: Closing the Sale

Flash forward:

Talia's ready to close.

She already qualified the prospect by uncovering their pain, budget, and decision making process. Now she's going to present. The prospect just said,

“Thanks for coming in. I'm looking forward to hearing about what you have to offer.”

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What should Talia do to build a relationship that lasts?

Describe her product’s newest additional features, offering discounts for their social sharing platform.
Present a tailored solution that only addresses the prospect’s pain.

These are just a few small tactics in Talia's approach.

By following a system, Talia leads her prospects away from the typical sales interaction

and builds trusting sales partnerships.

Consider this:

Think about your own sales relationships. How would incorporating just one of Talia's tactics improve your process?

With practice, the Sandler Selling System can become second nature.

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