Get Your Team Comfortable with Change | Lesson 4 / 5

Involve Your Team in a Change

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By involving people earlyyou'll get ahead of resistance.


To involve your team:
1. Ask for feedback
2. Tell people their role
3. Give ownership

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You're just announced a change in project plan to your team, and you want to make them feel included in the upcoming process. What's one way to help them feel like they're a part of the decisions around the change?

Ask them for help by requesting that they come up with a team plan that doesn't involve you.
Ask them for input around the details of your plan, and ask for help enacting the change.
Ask them to each come up with their own individual change strategies that they can enact.
Ask them to show they trust your decisions by not asking questions or providing feedback.


Think of the strengths of your team members. What value do each of them bring to the project? Make a point to mention those strengths when you ask them for help with a project change.

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