Introduction to Unconscious Bias │Lesson 9 / 10

Impact of Bias On Decision Making

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Your colleague thinks your unconscious biases only affect the people you’re biased against. What can you tell him?

Unconscious bias affects people you’re biased toward too by giving them unfair advantages.
Unconscious bias only affects some people, but it’s still worth examining.
Unconscious bias doesn’t affect people, it affects decisions.
Unconscious bias limits you since it keeps you from having all the options available to you when you make decisions.

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Your colleague has noticed that the same three people are always talking in her team meetings. What might be the cause of this?

Those three people are the most qualified people on the team, and other people defer to them.
Those three people are the most senior members of the team, so they deserve more attention.
Those three people are being called on more, or their ideas and comments are being validated more.
Those three people are too comfortable speaking up, and need to be told to take it down a notch.

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