How to Structure Your Business Case

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No matter what you’re proposing — from process improvements to product changes to different work hours — your business case needs to be clear and understandable.

Think of the business case as a way to organize your thoughts on the proposed change, its value, and its scope.

An organized business case will give you and your stakeholders clarity.

To make your business case as organized, clear, and understandable as possible, you can download this document.

Keep in mind that this structure is merely one recommendation. Your company may have specific business case preferences, so you should check if there is a standard format.

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Your colleague Simone thinks your team should use a different vendor. She’s written a business case that describes the context, her recommendation for a new vendor, and details of how you’d work with that vendor. What should she do to strengthen her case?

Remove the background information, since the stakeholders who will read her business case are probably already familiar with how your team uses vendors.
Get the head of accounting to sign off on the business case to add credibility to it.
Add a section describing all other options and their pros and cons, including staying with the current vendor.
Add more graphs and data to better illustrate how much money the company will save with the other vendor.


If you’re building a business case, use the template from this lesson to make your case clear and understandable.

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