How to Be an Active Bystander

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Small interventions can have a big impact.

There are four different types of interventions you can execute.

Let’s recap the four Ds of bystander intervention:

1. Delay
2. Delegate
3. Distract
4. Direct

This PDF contains a recap of each of the four D's and some examples of interventions you can do.

Let's practice:

A coworker appears to be paying unwanted attention to Kelsey, the office intern. You’re not exactly sure if she wants or needs your help.

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Which of the four Ds is the most appropriate intervention?

Direct: Tell your coworker to leave Kelsey alone.
Distract: Drown out what he’s saying by turning up your speakers.
Delay: Speak to Kelsey later and offer help if she needs it.
Delegate: Ask the internship coordinator to say something.

The correct answer is C. 

If you are unsure about a situation, delay your response until you can find out if your help is needed.


Be on the lookout for situations that might require an intervention. Remember the four Ds and be prepared to intervene in some way, whether in the moment or at a later time.

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